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“The drastic conversion of the old living spaces into magnificent areas is the aim of Lumber One team”

Remodeling or renovating the house at your own is not that easy as it may require expert knowledge as remodeling may require permits and there may be risk of code violation. A careful planning is required before the remodeling takes place. An unplanned action can not only increase the cost and time but also the stress. A planned and productive remodeling can be done by Lumber One team.

Lumber One provides remodeling of kitchen, bedrooms, living room and rest rooms. We have the latest designs and catalogues that show the latest trends. You can choose the option that is in accordance to your taste and fits your budget. Sometimes, heavy woodwork in kitchen area can be too costly and you can choose for less expensive options for shelves and cabinets such as laminate and vinyl. Similarly, vinyl flooring can be budget friendly option that can be installed in kitchen as an alternative to wood.

A comfortable and beautiful home is the dream of every homeowner. Sometimes, any area or room that has remained unintended and unused can be beautifully transformed and can turn out the jewel of your house. For instance, an old worn-out sunroom that has remained under the dark can be transformed into a cozy coffee place with magnificent fireplace. A new transformed living space can be the most comfortable place of your house.

The workmanship and architectural services at Lumber One can be hired for best results. After inspection of the area to be remodeled/renovated, we provide the best possible options that suit the requirements and tastes of the homeowners. Our team is reliable and fast and delivers the results in the given time frame. We understand the unease caused to the homeowner during the renovation time and strive to complete the project in the promised time.

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