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“The practice of architectural services is our way of viewing the world while creating value for our clients”

Lumber One offers architectural services to its clients. Starting from the planning phase, we are with the client until the proposed outcome has been achieved. Homeowners may require architectural services when they want to add an extra living space such as a bedroom or rest room in the extra space at the backyard. Adding a new living space is not as simple as it seems as it may require knowledge of codes and violations. Our professional and trained staff can provide the drafts and maps that are in accordance to the codes and have bright chances to be approved after the first inspection.

Once you call Lumber One, we are ready to listen to your goals and ideas of construction. Our aim is to balance the aesthetics that create the value of the design with the functional requirements. We think that attainment of our client’s goals of our success.

We value the ideas of our clients as in the end, homeowner is the one who will be actually living in the space designed by us. We try to stick to the functional requirements provided by the client as the usability of the area matters more than the aesthetics and beauty. However, we have interior decoration experts in our team which have skill and expertise to beautify any type of odd area that will surely receive the praise of the residents and visitors; this eventually gains the value of your home.

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